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Pandemic Government Statistics from all around the world

Due to the ongoing censorship regime surrounding what happened in the world since 2020 I am not going to say too much other than let the statistics speak for themselves. If you wish to know my official take on what exactly happened read the back cover of my book The 3rd Truth - The Global Lockdown Agenda & the Coming Great Reset. Click here to read the blurb on the back page of my book. It has proven to be highly accurate despite contradicting experts across multiple fields and society at large treating my analysis with scorn and contempt.

On the left is a freedom of information request to the Irish Central Statistics Office asking for the total number of deaths from the Convirus from people with no underlying health conditions from 2020 and 2021. Only 153 people in a population of around 5 million people was the answer! The average age of death from these individuals was 83 years of age, higher than the average life expectancy in Ireland!

Please excuse the lack of information and untidiness of this page as it's a new addition and is still under construction.

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