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The 3rd Truth: The Global Lockdown Agenda & The Coming Great Reset - It's Not What You Think it Is

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Chapter Contents of:

The 3rd Truth: The Global Lockdown Agenda & The Coming Great Reset

Chapter 1 This was all Planned

1.1 The Pandemic Guidance ‘Model’ – Imperial College London & the World Health Organisation

1.2 Event 201 – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & The World Economic Forum in Collaboration with the John Hopkins Security Centre (New York, October 2019)

1.3 Rockefeller Foundation & The Global Business Network – Scenarios for the Future of Technology & International Development (2010)

Chapter 2 Fudging the Numbers - The Government & Mainstream Media is the Virus

2.1 Covid-19 was here much earlier than we are told!

2.2 Likely Infection Fatality Rate

2.3 Voices of Reason

Chapter 3 The Corrupting Influence of Big Pharma & Fake Science

3.1 Big Pharma Corrupting & Controlling Health Authorities

3.2 Big Pharma – Addicted to Fraud

3.3 Big Pharma Corrupting Education

3.4 Flu/Coronavirus Vaccine Fraud Exposed

3.5 Immoral and Toxic Vaccine Ingredients

3.6 Blocking the Covid-19 Cure to Protect Vaccine Profits & the ID2020 Agenda

3.7 Face Masks Don’t Work

3.8 The Social Distancing Nonsense

3.9 Testing Kit Fraud

Chapter 4 The Emergence of the Global Medical Police State & The Coming Consequences

4.1 The Nudge Unit & Applied Behavioural Psychology

4.2 Why you should not trust the World Health Organisation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

4.3 GAVI & CEPI Globalists Exposed

4.4 A Microchipped Population under the Guise of Healthcare – Historical Preparation

4.5 ID2020 – Vaccine & Immunity Passports

4.6 666 is Coming Soon

Chapter 5 The Great Reset & The New Social Contract: A Totalitarian Fascist Socialist Surveillance State

5.1 Seven steps from Pandemic to Totalitarianism

5.2 Economic Collapse & The Phony Debt Fraud

5.3 Smart Cities

5.4 The Cashless Society

5.5 The Social Credit Score System

5.6 Artificial Intelligence Takeover

5.7 A New Religion for a New Age

Chapter 6 The 5G Network

6.1 Microwave Radiation Examined

6.2 The 5G Network and Potential Covid-19 Connection



Get The 3rd Truth now for £9 + postage costs.

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