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The title of this website, The 3rd Truth, was taken from a 1976 lecture by the late Professor Anthony C. Sutton (a hero of mine), in which he detailed the concealed but true story of the ongoing transfer of military and technological advancements, as well as massive financial loans throughout the 20th century from Western nations to their supposed enemies. He has written multiple books documenting the evidence of such transfers to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in particular from the United States. He outlined how societies operate on three levels of information which are as follows: 

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The 1st level of truth (which is largely a fiction), is the establishment version of events and is what most people have believed in the past to be true about events and history. The 1st level is what governments and the establishment want you to know. The criteria are: what do we want them to know?, and is it consistent with what we told them before? 


The 2nd level of truth is sometimes called the revisionist level. It challenges the first level, but it is still based on documents and information released by the governing bureaucracies and does not get to the root of the problem. It cannot get to the root of the problem because it relies mainly on facts that the governing powers decide can be released.


The 3rd level of truth is based on new evidence that has to be rooted out and to find it you have to know of its existence. You have to demand it and try to get it declassified, or build the new paradigm from scratch one slow fact on top of another until you build a mosaic revealing the truth. The sad part is that the very small few who get to the 3rd level of truth will not be believed by the majority of people when they publish their work as the establishment version of events has already captured their mind. Regardless of societies reaction I will continue to speak the truth on the highest level I can, uncensored and regardless of who it offends.

While I have explained the 3 levels of truth that society operates under, there is no higher truth than the fact that God has always been holding back the God of this world (Satan) from fulfilling his every desire to destroy us. Humanity has transgressed God's laws to such an extent that his protective hand is being removed and open Satanism/Witchcraft/Paganism etc., is rising fast. As a result, evil is rising, and will continue to rise until we seek God's face and repent from our wicked ways. I don't believe society can be fixed or turned around from here on out and evil will rise until God eventually intervenes through the return of his son Jesus Christ. At that point it will be who sided with God and who went with the World system. Very few will resist siding with the World system as your access to food, housing, and all of life's comforts will be cut off permanently over the next 1-4 years if you choose to resist. If you go along with the lies of the World system and seek out its comforts you will take the 666 and lose your soul. It's very close now. Be under no illusions about that. Seek Gods face while you have time so that you may stand when your time comes.

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Dear truth-seeker, please consider donating to The 3rd Truth. There is no money in speaking truth to power, only risk and big risk at that. We're putting our neck and financial future on the line in the hopes of preserving human freedom for future generations. Only a very small percentage of people appreciate deep insights (less than 5%) into how the world really works, or are even interested. Of that small percentage of people who care about real truth, only a small percentage will financially support the cause. If you can afford it please consider making a donation so we can continue to do what we do. I appreciate that times are tough and are going to get much tougher. If you are only scraping by but really want to help give what you can to the less fortunate who are hungry and cold instead, homeless etc.

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