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The Hidden Hand of History exposes an ancient religious practice that has secretly governed the destiny of the world for thousands of years. Even today, this religion is still being practiced by leaders who wield a terrible power over us in governments around the world. Central to its power and dominance is the withholding of knowledge and technology in secrecy to then be used to keep the governed in ignorance, who by and large throughout history have been naively trusting and faithful to the corrupt institutions that govern over them. The religion I speak of is primarily recognised as the worship of the Sun, but that is only on the profane level. The highest levels in the Mystery Schools pay homage to Lucifer/Satan. The Kings and Queens as well as the organised religions of the world have historically been aligned with this hidden Satanic system, its leadership, and have taught their false doctrines and teachings leading their people into slavery. The highest levels of the Mystery Schools practice magic, deception and the art of illusion. They are masters at it and it’s the foundation for their control over billions of people. Their control rests on a very fragile illusion which relies on keeping humanity ignorant of their plans.


Art, science, philosophy and practically all systems of learning and governance are dominated by the hierarchy of the Mystery religions worldwide. Aside from the intellectual pursuits, the adherents of this hidden religion have been behind the wars and revolutions of history guiding humanity blindly from rise to ruin and all stages in between. The high level practitioners of the Mystery religions have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep their existence and beliefs a secret over hundreds and even thousands of years. But, despite their diligent efforts it has crept out in the form of hieroglyphic Reliefs, ancient and modern architecture, symbols and ceremonies and most importantly for the modern era, books.


The truth at the heart and soul of the Mystery Schools is that they have been responsible and even given birth to every despotism and form of social- control throughout history. Communism, Socialism, Nazism, crony-capitalism, Fascism etc., have all come from the hierarchy of the Mystery Schools. Their goal is to completely destroy the sovereignty of all nation states, the eradication of all religions (except theirs), and to shackle humanity in a system of eternal debt slavery under a totalitarian/technocratic Socialist-Fascist World Government. It’s happening right now today. This is their history that they don’t want you to know of how we got to today’s world.

(The Hidden Hand of History) US Only

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