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The Open Borders Mass Immigration Agenda

There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”[1]

Wesley Clark, U.S. General, ex-NATO Supreme Commander (1999)

Alvin Toffler is the former editor of Fortune Magazine and had regular access to Presidents and Prime Minister's from around the world as well as access to the most powerful and influential business leaders shaping agendas on a global scale. So when he speaks we should pay very careful attention to what he says is going to happen, especially when he was telling us what the effects of mass immigration will be. In 1980 he said the following about the effects of diversity through multiculturalism:

“The rise of diversity means that, although our political systems are theoretically founded on majority rule, it may be impossible to form a majority even on issues crucial to survival. In turn, this collapse of consensus means that more and more governments are minority governments, based on shifting and uncertain coalitions”.[2]

We are currently in the end game for the subversion of our society into lawlessness followed by a totalitarian socialist takeover. This is the goal and it is happening on a global scale under the watch of the United Nations. The headline below is a perfect illustration of the deliberate destruction of a once safe and prosperous European capital city. The only problem with the article and the headline is that it ignores the elephant in the room. Open borders mass immigration of undocumented mostly economic migrants is the root cause of the problem!

Crime has made Dublin City Centre like a 3rd World Country

Another hugely important consequence of the whole diversity and multi-cultural movement was also highlighted by Toffler, and that is the demoralisation of the nation through the ever increasing isolation of individuals from society as a whole. Toffler wrote that;

“One clue to the plague of loneliness lies in our rising level of social diversity. By de-massifying society, by accentuating differences rather than similarities…we also make human contact more difficult. For the more individualized we are, the more difficult it becomes to find a mate or a lover who has precisely matching interests, values, schedules or tastes. Friends are also harder to come by. We become choosier in our social ties. But so do others. The result is a great many ill-matched relationships. Or no relationships at all.[3]

Once sovereign nations now no longer have a veto on areas such as immigration and asylum, all while individuals who challenge the status quo and seek to preserve their countries heritage are called racists for daring to challenge the EU’s enforced mixing of cultures, which is absolutely designed to destroy the cultures and norms of the indigenous European people. Ireland’s former Attorney General, Bilderberg Group member, chairman of Goldman Sachs and United Nations special representative for migration, Peter Sutherland announced publicly to the world that the EU should ‘do its best to undermine’ the ‘homogeneity’ of its member states. He said ‘that’s precisely what the European Union should be doing its best to undermine.”[4] A regular attendee to the Bilderberg Group like Sutherland, is Hungarian George Soros. He is a fundamental driver behind the mass immigration of Middle Eastern and African migrants into Europe. Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban had the following to say about George Soros;


 “His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle”.[5]

The EU didn’t just open up the door to any and all immigrants straight away without debate because they care. It allows the cover for Western Intelligence controlled terrorism turning nation after nation into Police states, all by design. Many people would say that it is extreme to define the situation the people of Europe are finding themselves living through to be in actual fact a state of secret warfare between the hidden elites who covertly rule Europe and the ordinary individual. Why would I say this? In 2011 a joint EU funded paper published by the Sustainable Europe Research Institute Vienna and the Ecologic Institute in Berlin called Scenarios for a One Planet Economy in Europe said the following about immigration as Europe moves beyond 2020:

“As the economy in general has become more labour intensive, immigration policies were relaxed in order to attract low skilled labour, especially for the agriculture sector. This further adds to social tension in the EU.”[6]

Increasing social tension in the EU is a deliberate strategy of divide and conquer and immigrants are being used as a weapon against the people of Europe to subvert its peoples. The EU hierarchy are not stupid, as the document above shows you. These people are very smart and know exactly what they are doing. While immigration is in free flow at the borders of most EU nations, harsh hate law crimes are coming through the unelected EU legislative bureaucracy which are utilising political correctness to limit freedom of speech while deliberately increasing racial tension as a method of demoralising and dividing the peoples of Europe. Keep in mind that the elites deliberately bring about the mass immigration situation in the first place. Their resource grabbing and strategic geo-political wars create all the refugees, so don’t kid your-self that these lying scumbag liberal Politicians on TV working for the elite actually give a shit about these people. They are following an agenda. So when the Irish Times promotes the writings of people like William Swing, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General lecturing us how ‘we must uphold the rights of migrants driven from their homes’, we should treat this brow bashing with the contempt it deserves from such hypocrites helping bring about the humanitarian disaster situation in the first place.[7] And of course this is not even speaking of the vast number of economic migrants that are flooding into Europe through what can only be described as vast people trafficking operations organised by NGOs, the EU and the United Nations. The strategy in the two images below is exactly what is playing out in Ireland today. As you can see in the first image below, Irish Minister Roderic O'Gorman is advertising on behalf of the Irish government to foreign nations that Ireland is wide open, come and get a free home and lots of benefits all for nothing. At the same time the young Irish are crushed as they can't afford to rent, never mind but a home in a totally artificial market where their needs are secondary to the needs of vast numbers of migrants. It is population replacement by design. These people all know the end game of what is happening now if it continues unchecked is communism.
















The elite corporate socialists are, and always have been the most racist off all people. Nathaniel Wyel gave some very interesting insight into the American Socialist Party in 1903 after they were criticised by the Second International for their ‘indifference to the widespread lynching of Negroes by white mobs.’ Wyel continued in saying:

'The Socialist National Quorum replied that only the abolition of capitalism and the victory of socialism could prevent the procreation and production of “lynchable human degenerates.” This extraordinary response seems to have satisfied the international socialist organisation.’[8]

One of the most suppressed books in Europe today which is as good as banned in Germany, and largely unavailable elsewhere is a book written by the father of the Paneuropa project (which launched todays EU), Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, a high level freemason and Venetian descended aristocrat. If there was a book that should be required reading for all EU citizens it is his work called Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism) published in 1925. I believe it accurately portrays the twisted eugenics and racial superiority the elites believe in, and definitely tells an incredible version of what forced immigration could really be all about at the top secret level aside from the deliberate raising of tension and divide and conquer tactics. Kalergi wrote that;

 “The man of the future will be a mongrel. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice…The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”[9]

Does this not sound like the masterplan of a eugenics movement? This is knowledge that we the global commoners are not supposed to know, and emotional blackmail, and shaming tactics used by the media and government on the public for speaking out would very quickly hold zero weight when analysed with this information and the truth behind war. Would we all stay quiet about enforced multiculturalism if we were informed of the elite’s abhorrent agenda of undermining sovereign nation’s customs and cultures so the world can be standardised? I don’t think so. Again, for the doubting Thomas, look at the live birth rates of the indigenous peoples living in Western nations in comparison to the birth rates of African, Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants. Logic alone tells us that eventually the white races will eventually become a minority in their own countries. Look at the UK for the perfect example of how the demographic of their country has changed over the last fifty years. There is nothing racist or hate inspired in pointing that out, yet the average youth is too brainwashed by political correctness to even think critically on the subject, all thanks to liberal professors and polluted education.

It is hard to blame the youth when they are being so hopelessly let down by Government, academia and the mainstream media who are selling their souls on a daily basis. A great example of one such individual is the former Political Editor for the BBC Andrew Marr. In his show on BBC he interviews key newsmakers and shapes public opinion for millions of viewers and listeners every year. I suspect he has known about, and been on-board with the Coudenhove Kalergi plan for almost two decades. I say this because of an article he wrote for the UK Guardian newspaper in February 1999, where he spoke about individual’s resistant to enforced mass immigration and multiculturalism. He wrote;

"What then can be done [with those who resist immigration and multiculturalism]? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation [interbreeding], which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy.)'

'I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good. Stamp hard on certain 'natural' beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off.'[10]

Again we always need to look behind the scenes to see the agenda of those pushing political agendas that the majority don’t want, and are so quick to vilify individuals for speaking out over. The BBC is a den of paedophiles at the top which is intertwined with the paedophile rings that are at the heart of the British Government, which have been exposed so often and so openly over the last five years especially, and yet the BBC calls such factual claims a ‘conspiracy theory’, i.e. lacking in substantive proof. The BBC is totally in line with the EU’s agenda of multiculturalism and is causing a lot of immigration in the first place through their subversive ‘political charity’ called BBC Media Action which is engaged in undermining sovereign nations wherever it is based.

The European Union gives out an award every second year called the Coudenhove-Kalergi European prize given to European leaders who further his sick agenda, mass immigration being a major component (Herman Van Rumpoy and Angela Merkel are two who have received the prize). In a nut shell it is aimed at the destruction of the white race. That needs to be said. I have heard many top researchers state that the number one obstacle in the way of World Government is and has been the white western nations. The mass immigration and integration of cultures combined with a hyper level of tolerance laws oppressing freedom of speech and expression flows on from that as a means to re-engineer society to the Fabian socialists yearning to have society ‘much closer to the heart’s desire.’ 

Professor Frank Ellis, a former lecturer with the University of Leeds wrote in 2009 that “no successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multiracialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity. Those who support multiculturalism either do not know this or, what is more likely, realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.”

Professor Ellis continued in saying that; “the multiculturalists hope to control and dominate every aspect of our lives…Today's "political correctness" is the direct descendent of Communist terror and brainwashing…In the post-Stalin period, political correctness even meant that dissent was seen as a symptom of mental illness, for which the only treatment was incarceration. Today's dogmas have led to rigid requirements of language, thought, and behaviour, and violators are treated as if they were mentally unbalanced, just as Soviet dissidents were.”

Ellis argued that Under Stalin “totalitarianism was much more than state terror, censorship, and concentration camps; it was a state of mind in which the very idea of a private opinion or point of view had been destroyed…And once enough people are made to think this way, it is functionally totalitarian even if a single dictator does not personally control everything.”[11]

There is a price to pay for society not thinking for themselves and speaking their minds and expressing their true thoughts and opinions. And that price is going to be totalitarianism for everyone because people don’t understand the real agenda. When you remove one societal group’s right from having their freedom of religious expression, or freedom of conscience, you have stopped yourself further down the track, and I hope you all understand this very important point. Professor Ellis found this to his cost when he was forced to resign from Leeds University on supposed racism charges for trying to bring his important message to the world. The University of Leeds issued a media release stating that it was investigating an alleged breach of its ‘diversity policy’. It also said Ellis's views were wholly at odds with the University's values, and that he had jeopardised the university's obligations under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. There was no hate in the message the man was trying to bring to the world. It was merely repeated statements of politically incorrect facts warning about totalitarian controls sneaking in through government policy which ultimately forced him to take early retirement before he was sacked.

In April 2016 the Limerick Post reported the story of a man of Middle Eastern origin who has been living in Ireland for nearly a decade, who had been working in a Limerick refugee centre. They claimed ‘that staff have been subjected to physical attacks and mental abuse by individuals and gangs of radical Muslim men living in the centre,’ many of whom he claims ‘have cheated the direct provision system’ for asylum seekers. He testified from his own experience that senior staff working in the centre were afraid of these radicals, and that ‘people needed to be made aware of what he describes as “a worsening situation”. The unnamed Middle Eastern man claimed that ‘in some of them I have found a worrying level of extremism, bordering on hatred, which could potentially manifest in some sort of devastating way, as their numbers will continue to rise”.

Allowing a direct flow of immigrants to enter into any country almost unchecked from a war torn radicalised region like Syria, means inevitably we are opening the door to terrorists coming into the country. ‘Ivan’, as the Middle Eastern man was identified as said that “the goings on in direct provisional centres are quite different from what mass media and the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are reporting.” ‘Ivan’ gave the warning that “radical minded economic migrants, who are mostly students and workers, have filled up a large number of vacancies within the direct provisional system”. He had to quit his job because the mental and at times physical abuse from radical Islamists in the refugee center got so bad. He claimed that he has repeatedly ‘seen people cheat the reception and interrogation agencies with their false stories’. The most important part of his testimony that needs to be focused on was when he warned that many of these people were not even from war torn regions. He stated that;

“If any action is taken against these radical culprits, NGOs and anti-racist groups back them up with protection they don’t deserve. They give the same statement that these people have fled a traumatic situation in their own countries and that we should treat them with respect, give them protection and provide them with more rights than some full Irish citizens don’t even have”.[12]

For telling the true story above, which included details of ‘Ivan’ being physically attacked, the Limerick Post came in for a scathing backlash from Doras Luimní, who they accurately classified as ‘a non-elected, self-appointed local human rights group.’ Doras Luimní claimed the Limerick Post had no right to publish the story and notified the Limerick Post that ‘it was facing the likelihood of a criminal prosecution for incitement to hatred and would also be complained to the Press Council of Ireland for publishing racist and defamatory comments.’ This is in spite of the fact that CCTV footage and witness testimony proved the story was true, which led to a criminal trial. Despite this, Leonie Kerins, the director of Doras Luimní has tried to have the editor and journalist, including the staff of the Limerick Post fired, and associates have unleashed a hateful online campaign to try and get the Limerick Post to ‘abide by their version of the immigration narrative.’ The online targeting even stooped so low as to engage in ‘the deliberate targeting of the reporter whose photograph and those of family members were circulated on social media along with the Doras Luimní demands.’ The Limerick Post correctly called out Doras Luimní on their immoral behaviour as ‘trying to silence the dissenting voice of a vulnerable immigrant worker and stifle the right to free editorial expression,’ to which Doras Luimní repeated their narrative along with the threat that they had reported allegations to authorities.[13]

There are those who don’t want certain opinions voiced in public, and criticising the rationale behind immigration is one such topic many influential and well-funded foundations and NGOs don’t tolerate.

When I saw the denial of the obvious and the vicious and ruthless tactics of those trying to shut down free speech my suspicions kicked into overdrive. After researching the financiers and backers of Doras Luimní, I found some familiar and consistent connections to globalist control mechanisms. To start with there is The Atlantic Philathropies, founded by Irish American business tycoon Chuck Feeney. His father Leo was a member of the Catholic Freemasonic Order known as the Knights of Columbus[14], which like all other masonic Orders is Luciferian at the top. Chuck Feeney’s financial empire, just like the man’s personal life appears throughout history to be shrouded with obsessive secrecy. He founded Duty Free shopping with American Robert Warren Miller, whose children all married into royalty, not something Royals generally allow unless they knew there was blue blood flowing in the other half also. Feeney privately funded a Washington office for Sinn Fein in 1995 to the tune of $720,000, while his Atlantic Philanthropies foundation funded Ireland’s Centre for Public Inquiry in 2004 with $4 million, whose director was Frank Connolly, the brother of IRA man Niall Connolly who was one of the Colombia Three.[15] One of the directors of the Atlantic Philanthropies, Elizabeth J. Mc Cormack, was an advisor to the Rockefeller Family & Associates.[16] Where have you heard that name before?

Next on the list of Doras Luimní financiers is The Sisters of Mercy. The next group backing Doras Luimní is the Community Foundation for Ireland, patroned by current Irish President Michael D. Higgins.

The Directors as of April 2016 include;

Louis Fitzgerald; founder of Airtricity.

Barry Connolly; former managing director of the Sunday Tribune and a number of commercial radio stations, and current director of Richmond Marketing.

Mike Gaffney; partner with KPMG.

Richard George; former partner with KPMG, holds multiple directorship with Irish and foreign businesses and a member of the Governing authority of Maynooth University.

Eamonn Heffernan; Director of Irish Life, past president of the Society of Actuaries and former Chairman of the Pensions Board and of the Irish Association of Pension Funds.

Dr Brian Keogh; past President/Treasurer of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

Anna Lee; former CEO of South Dublin County Council.

Máire O’ Connor; former Partner of McCann Fitzgerald and a Director of The Irish Stock Exchange.

John Rockett; former Head of Private Banking at AIB.

Roddy Rowan; co-founder of Dimension, a marketing  communications group.

Brian Geoghegan; former Director of Leaseplan Ireland MKC Communications. He was a member of the National Economic & Social Council and sits on the Advisory Council of the Policy Institute of Trinity College.

The list of Directors for the Community Foundation for Ireland is the elite across the business, government and academic world who have huge control over the minds, well-being, careers, and retirement funds for the youth and elderly of this country. This group deserves very close scrutiny indeed. 

The last financier of Doras Luimní was a Catholic religious order called the Redemptorists. When I looked them up I was immediately struck by what I was looking at on their website.


















The Cross and the Crown symbol in the picture above is a symbol of the ancient Masonic Catholic Order of the Knights Templar which coincidence theory historians tell us no longer exists. The cross and the crown is a very old symbol representing the unification of the Church and the Government over the people. And it is exactly what is happening. For those familiar with the symbology of Luciferianism / Satanism, you absolutely cannot deny the all-seeing eye representing Lucifer, or Satan looking right at you. 

In March 2014 The Immigrant Council of Ireland was insistent that ‘employers and educational institutions must be more robust in combating racism.’[17] Attracting lower wage workers consistently over time into an area is going to increase tension, and as a knock on consequence racism will also increase, just like the EU document I quoted from earlier highlighted. You cannot lower a people’s standard of living and not expect a back lash from the affected population. Please understand again though that I am not blaming the immigrants. If I lived in a country where I could hardly cloth or feed myself and my family, I would be coming across other countries borders as fast as any of the immigrants. We can’t blame them for what they are doing, because the vast majority of us would do the same under the circumstances. The immigrants are being used to further the cause of socialism by being awarded every conceivable benefit from government ahead of the needs of the Irish population. The children of these immigrants inevitably will look to the government as the provider and will all grow up to be good socialists and voting for whoever promises them further benefits, not realising that by voting for the furtherance of this system the system will eventually collapse in on itself and destroy the chance of their children having the same benefits. Venezuela is a perfect case in point.

But let us once again take a look at who is doing the brow beating in combatting racism. The Immigrant Council of Ireland was founded by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, once again from the Sisters of charity. Sr. Kennedy was accused of knowingly covering up for child abusers while living in St. Josephs Institution in Kilkenny in the 1980’s and being the head nun of her order in Kilkenny at that time. I read some of her interviews with Gardai investigations and she was deliberately evasive in her answers, and her general attitude towards the investigation was that if you didn’t ask the correct question, she felt un-obliged to be forthcoming with information.[18] Paedophile protectors have no right to be lecturing on morals to anyone, period. I wouldn’t trust her with a pet hamster. She did not care about the victims of abuse, she was concerned about the protection of the Catholic Church who she sold her soul to.


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