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The Mystery Schools

Referred to accurately in the book of Revelation 17:5 as: 


The Mystery Schools, or, Mystery Babylon, are a global network of secret societies and fraternal organisations who truly rule the world behind the scenes. They are in all different religions and cultures worldwide and the hierarchy tend to hide behind a religious or charitable facade to veil their influence on their society and the world as a whole. The Mystery Schools trace their origins back to ancient Babylon and Egypt and have went to great lengths to disguise their identity and true intent throughout history. They take many different forms and cover hundreds and hundreds of different groups and organisations. Their highest ranking leadership almost always trace into the highest levels of religious institutions and the global aristocracy who deem they have a divine right to rule over us. At the highest levels of the initiatory fraternal orders that comprise the brotherhood, the God that they worship is Lucifer/Satan.

Image 117 Pope Pius II the Pharaoh.jpg
Image 116 Pharaoh Rameses III.jpg

Pope Pius XII at his coronation being carried on the sedia gestatoria (portable throne) in a Pharaonic like procession.

Pharaoh Rameses III (ca. 1182-1151 BCE), triumphal procession from the north Peristyle Hall of Medynet-Abou, Egypt

World Power Structure Chart 24.10.20 Rev
InkedInkedWorld Power Structure Chart 24

The power structure that really governs the world. I explain how

this structure has operated over a wide span of history in The 

Hidden Hand of History - The Enemy Within.

In A.D. 313, the Roman Emperor Constantine, recognised Christianity as acceptable as the official state religion, not because the Roman Empire was taking a new direction in its thinking, but evidence suggests they had no choice. It did so as the empire would have fallen as sure as night becomes day due to the surge from the people demanding religious freedom and the de-criminalisation of Christianity. The Empire had no choice but to recognise Christianity, and certainly did not want to do so. This can be seen where only around 25 years earlier, Emperor Diocletian, a sun-worshipping pagan, had attempted to have all Christian writings destroyed and banished from Rome. Constantine’s conversion to Christianity is extremely suspect at best due to the fact he too was a sun-worshipping pagan, and had ‘been initiated into a Sol Invictus [‘the Invincible Sun’] cult’, and that all his life he ‘acted as its chief priest’.[1] In the Pagan Mystery Religions the emperor was seen as a God, and the early Christians would not recognise any Caesar as God. This was seen as a great threat to the Roman Empire as an institution, as if the idea spread the emperor would lose control of the people. The Caesars had been trying to destroy Christianity for over 200 years and failed so they were left with no choice but to come up with a different plan.[2] Constantine was not baptised into Christianity until the year 337, when he was on his death bed ‘and was apparently too weakened or too apathetic to protest’. In A.D. 321, an official edict by Constantine ordered that Sunday, ‘the venerable day of the sun’, would replace Saturday as the Lord’s sanctioned day of rest, which originally had been the Christian/Judaic day of rest according to the instructions given to Moses by God in the book of Exodus. It was also in the era of Constantine that the Roman authorities changed the celebration of Jesus’s birthday to December 25th to pander to Sol Invictus, and their festival Natalis Invictus, which celebrated the birth or rebirth of the sun, coinciding with the winter solstice.[3] According to Manly P. Hall, the sunburst ‘embroidery on the back of the vestments of the Catholic priesthood signify that the priest is also an emissary and representative of Sol Invictus’.[4] The Druids also celebrated the birth of the Sun god on the 25th of December.[5] This further merged the ancient pagan mystery religions with Christianity, which under the Council of Nicea in A.D.325 cemented the Roman regime in place with a ‘politically desirable’ fusion of both doctrines, and a ‘concentration of power in ecclesiastical hands’. It was Constantine, the pagan sun-worshipper who firstly ‘installed the bishop of Rome in the Lateran Palaces’.[6] This would never have happened without Christianity being severely watered down to pander to the religion of the elite. In 1923, one distinguished author wrote that:


‘Every pagan nation had (and has) not only its state religion, but another into which the philosophic elect alone have gained entrance. Many of these ancient cults vanished from the earth without revealing their secrets, but a few have survived the test of ages and their mysterious symbols are still preserved’.[7]


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Image 13 Vatican coat of Arms.png

For almost a thousand years, the people of Rome had believed in the mystic keys of the pagan God Janus and the goddess Cybele. In Mithraism, one of the main branches of the mysteries that came to Rome, the sun god carried two keys’.[1]


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Image 19 Priesthood of Babylon by Walter

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