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This page is a high level overview of a chapter in The Hidden Hand of History - The Enemy Within from a chapter called The Irish Struggle and Secret Societies

The Mystery Religion of Babylon and Egypt in plain sight

Mystery Schools Symbolism in Dublin


The obelisk is consecrated to the sun, and on its top it usually has a flame or a pyramid. The flame of course represents intellect, or gnosis. Who gave the gift of intellect to mankind according to the ancient mysteries? Prometheus! What's another name for Prometheus? Lucifer/Satan! 

Image 106 Obelisk outside Dail Eireann.j

In the first image of the slide show above you see the obelisk outside Dáil Éireann. In the second image you see an obelisk standing at the top of O'Connell street in Dublin city centre in honour of Charles Stewart Parnell, an Irish politician in the late 1800s who was leader of the Home Rule League from 1880-1882. The last image above is of a large obelisk in the grounds of St. Paul's Cathedral, New York. This is in honour of Thomas Addis Emmett, a senior member in the Catholic Committee of the Dublin branch of the Society of the United Irishmen. Emmet would later become the New York State attorney General in 1812. Being a member of the Mystery Schools was always a prerequisite for joining the higher echelons of power!

The placing of obelisks in key positions of prominence worldwide is based on an ancient magical belief of a fundamental occult force and magnetic influence known as the ‘astral light’. Irish author Jeremy James wrote in The Dublin Occult Grid (2008) that:

‘The Egyptian obelisks were believed to be so powerfully imbued with occult power (resident demonic spirits) that some of them were transported to London (Cleopatra’s Needle on the Thames Embankment), Paris (Place de Concorde), New York (Cleopatra’s Needle, Central Park) and Rome. Not surprisingly, given its power in the ancient world, Rome has no fewer than eight Egyptian obelisks’.

Jeremy James, The Dublin Occult Grid – The Use of Black Magic by Ireland’s Ruling Elite’, Zephaniah Press (2009), p.6

Another writer and authority on the subject of ancient obelisks is Juri Lina, the author of Architects of Deception (2004). Both Juri and Jeremy James believed that the rulers of ancient Egypt used obelisks as ‘a mechanism of psychic control’ over the people. Juri Lina elaborated further:

‘It was important to the pharaohs to erect giant obelisks, since this was a way to control people's ideas and to bring about static points of view (consensus trance). In this way the obelisks helped the pharaoh to retain power over the Egyptian people...The masonic obelisk thus originates in ancient Egypt, where it symbolized the sun god’.

Juri Lina, ‘Architects of Deception’, (2004) p.108

American historian and esoteric researcher Manly P. Hall explains that:

‘The masses…grovelling in ignorance, eventually became the abject slaves of the spiritual impostors. Superstition universally prevailed and the black magicians completely dominated national affairs, with the result that humanity still suffers from the sophistries of the priest crafts’.

Manly P. Hall, ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’, pp.329-30

Former Jesuit priest and high-level whistle-blower from within the Vatican, Alberto Rivera, told us the true significance of this Satanic infrastructure for the elite around the world when he explained that:

‘At the peak of the obelisk is a pyramid. To the Jesuits, masons, and the Illuminati it secretly represents and stands for a one world government’.

The Crusaders, Vol.3 – ‘The Godfathers’, p.26

The image above is the logo of the Society of Jesus, aka the Jesuit Order. Please note the sun burst symbolism of the Mystery Schools. I cover the Jesuits in the full detail they deserve in the Vatican page but especially so in my book.

The image above is the badge of the Knights Templars. In Hoc Signo Vinces translates as In this sign thou will conquer. The depiction of the cross and the crown symbolises the unification of the Church and the Government over the people!

The badge above is from the Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick, a masonic British chivalry knighthood. This order made up the hierarchy of what would become known as The United Irishmen. Of course, the lower level members would never have known that the organisation they assumed was for fighting for liberty from the Crown was nothing more than a method of filtering out troublesome elements so they could be set up to be slaughtered. The octagon design is nobility through and through and for those who know the agenda of this octagon network they will know that their headquarters is in Switzerland.

The logo above is from the Society of the United Irishmen established in Belfast. It was a masonic-illuminist enterprise from the beginning. It's leadership was comprised of freemasons and aristocratic elites claiming to represent both Catholic and Protestant interests. This was a lie and their main goal was the overthrow of the Judeo-Christian order just as happened in the French revolution they were inspired by.

Pictured above is a late 19th century pamphlet from the Orange Order that was given to me by a friend who discovered it while working in a museum in Lifford, Co. Donegal, in the north west of Ireland.

The pamphlet is steeped in the mystery religion of Babylon and ancient Egypt. Starting from the top we see the sun, the moon and the stars.

The sun = Osiris (i.e. Lucifer/Satan) and represents their doctrine.

The moon = Isis (the Church of the Mysteries)

The stars = Horus (the body of adepts or initiates. The "thousand points of light".)

Further down we see the smouldering cross representing their intent on destroying Christianity. In the middle on the same level we see the star of Saturn (i.e. Satan, not David!)

Closer to the bottom of the image we see a coffin and the skull and bones representing the brotherhood's intent in bringing chaos and death. 

Then on the bottom of the two pillars we see the square and compass on the left representing the builders and their master plan of following the "Great architect of the universe" (i.e. Satan). On the bottom of the pillar on the right we see the pentagram, an occult symbol used in black magic and the dark arts of demonology. It is also the symbol adopted by the socialist international. The leaders of the socialist governments worldwide have always belonged to the brotherhood. That we will cover further in the page on The Mystery Schools.

The Orange Order should never be mistaken as being some sort of branch of a Protestant Christian faith. That is purely for public consumption and actually believed by some of the useful idiots who make up the lower level members of the Order. It has always been engaged in Witchcraft and sorcery and it's roots lie in the Kaballah along with the rest of freemasonry. See below for a very rare article of a former member blowing the whistle on it's occult practices. 


Satanic secrets of the Orange Order

Ex-loyalist insider Peter Malcomson claims witchcraft lies at the root of Unionist rituals

In the image above we see former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, Leo Varadar, with Edward Stevenson, the Grandmaster of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. You will note he is presenting Varadkar with an obelisk, while also giving a blatant masonic handshake. The person with their knuckles facing up in such handshakes is always of a senior rank in the Mystery Schools. For those falling into the trap of hating each other, especially in the North of Ireland with the Unionist vs Republican divide, you will note that the hierarchy and historical hero's on both sides all belong to the same secret religion. They have been laughing at you all and playing you for fools for centuries so the initiates of the high degrees can rule over the chaos of the deliberate divide and conquer they engineered to bring about. The Catholic Church (but especially the Jesuits) and the Royal Houses are the one's responsible for the long range planning of our destruction while the high degree initiates of the Mystery Schools are the political powerbase who implement their plans for our destruction and enslavement throughout the centuries. Their goal has always been to stunt our growth as a people and society while maintaining the uneducated masses in as profound a state of ignorance as possible. 

Daniel O Connell.jpg

The man in the statue in the photo above is Daniel O’Connell. He is standing facing the bridge over the river Liffey in Dublin city centre on O'Connell street, named of course after himself. The pose he is doing is blatantly the hidden hand of Freemasonry. O’ Connell was said to be the ‘emancipator’ or ‘liberator’ and was high ranking within the Catholic Committee of the United Irishmen movement in the 1790s. Contemperaries of O’ Connell would later found the Ribbonmen or Ribbon Society that continued the revolutionary movement in Ireland after the outlawing of the United Irishmen. Not mentioned above is the fact that the United Irishmen held their meetings in the Grand Lodge of freemasons on Dublin's Molesworth street. The Grand Lodge of Ireland before it was used by the freemasons was a Jesuit Church.

Young Ireland

In the image above we see Young Ireland rebellion leader Thomas Francis Meagher. You will see he is doing the masonic hidden hand in the image. We also see the cross of the Knights Templars displayed twice on his uniform. None of this is coincidence and merely solidifies the argument of the Mysteries in control of the revolutionary movements.

The next wave of revolutionaries in Ireland came under the umbrella of the Young Ireland movement founded in March 1843. The movement was led by William Smith O' Brien and John Mitchell, "an advanced radical, deeply intinged with Jacobin (i.e. illuminist) ideals. Smith O' Brien's brother held the title of Lord Inchiquin, a title of nobility given to male heirs who can trace their bloodline to the last High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, who lost his life in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. From its inception the Young Ireland movement was part of a wider European revolutionary movement orchestrated out of Switzerland and Italy, and overseen by conspirator extrordinaire and super freemason Giuseppe Mazzini, the founder of Young Italy and the Young Europe movement as a whole. The Young Europe movement of radical revolutionaries was organised out of Europe's masonic lodges with Switzerland in particular being their base of operations. While Mazzini was the brains behind the operation and chosen to lead the movement, it would eventually fall under the control of the Socialist International led by front man Karl Marx. The Young Europe network was established as follows:

  • Young Italy founded by Mazzini, 1831

  • Young Europe founded by Mazzini, 1834

  • Young England founded by Benjamin Disraeli, 1834

  • Young Poland founded by Simon Konarski, 1834

  • Young Switzerland founded by Melegari (Emery), 1835

  • Young Ireland founded by Smith O' Brien 1843

  • Young Germany founded by Hecker & Struve, 1848

By 1850, the Young Europe movement had rebranded and were politically active under the guise of the Tenant Defence Society, or Tenants Rights League/Association, with a number of other spin-off groups. What many unsuspecting nationalist revolutionaries were completely unaware of was the fact that the leadership of the Young Europe network were never concerned about a nationalist revolution, but were intent on orchestrating a socialist revolution. Under the new utopian regime all rents that were paid to Europe's aristocratic governance structure would instead be paid to the leadership of Young Europe revolutionaries. Communism was their ultimate goal!

The Irish Republican Brotherhood


The most important secret society in Irish history was the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB). This organisation also grew out of the Young Ireland/Europe network of revolutionaries with their leader James Stephens, and senior members Colonel John O' Mahoney and barrister Michael Doheney all having fled Ireland to France for their role in the Young Ireland led uprising of 1848. The IRB was initiated on St Patricks Day 1858 by James Stephens and Thomas Clark Luby. This date can also be recognised as the founding date for the Irish Republican Army (IRA). 

In the image above we see the flag of the IRB with the sunburst logo. As you will learn in my book, the sun is the first object of worship in the Mystery Schools. For the simple peasants of ancient times the worship of the sun was given as it was seen of source of life and warmth as it rescued them from the darkness and terrors of the night. For the high degreed initiates of the Mystery Schools it had a much deeper significance. The sun or light bearer was symbolic of none other than Satan himself.

Associated groups affiliated with the IRB:

  • Clan na Gael - a sister organisation to the IRB founded in America from earlier Republican movements

  • National Land League - founded by Charles Stewart Parnell in 1879

  • Knights of Colombus - a Catholic masonic initiatory organisation

  • Socialist Republican Party - founded by James Connolly in 1896

  • Sinn Fein - founded by Arthur Griffith in 1905

Many people in modern Ireland are baffled by the fact that Sinn Fein has absolutely bowed down to the forces of globalism and is no longer interested in Irish nationalism unless it's under the control of the EU, wrapped in the LGBT rainbow flag, and if possible fronted by a female who is militantly feminist. You have learned the real reason why in this brief introduction to secret societies and Irish revolutionary movements. The average man or woman who joined the IRA never knew that the leadership was always about the social revolution, and the nationalist cause was always a secondary concern. The EU is imposing totalitarian socialism across Europe and Sinn Fein is fully on board with the agenda. Click here to see their playbook. It has been about the overthrow of the Judeo-Christian order from its inception. That has always been the goal of the Young Europe revolutionary networks despite hiding behind nationalist fronts.

Naturally, there is a lot more detail in this story that I haven't covered here. This is a big picture overview. To learn about the doctrine and beliefs of the freemasons and how they worship Lucifer/Satan at the highest levels see the Mystery Schools page. 

The dirty hidden truth in Irish history of the 20th century is that Ireland never in fact won it's independence from Britain. All former British colonies worldwide are still under the BAR legal system. BAR of course stands for British Accredited Registry. This is how the Crown governs the world today, unbeknownst to at least 95% of lawyers as they are the first ones lied to by the system.

Anywhere the British Empire expanded to, whether it was eventually defeated or not, the BAR legal system remained in place to extract the wealth using ACT’s, statutes, policies and codes which are NOT law. It's a genius long-range deception which maintains the illusion of sovereignty for nation states.  See below for hard evidence that Ireland never won its independence after the 1916 rising and establishment of the so called Republic of Ireland in 1912 leading to the Irish Free State declared in 1922.

Irish Free State (Saorstát Eireann) Act, 1922

Article 17: The oath to be taken by members of the Oireachtas shall be in the following form:

I _______ do solemnly swear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the Irish Free State as by law  established, and that I will be faithful to H. M. King George V., his heirs and successors by law in virtue of the common citizenship of Ireland with Great Britain and her adherence to and membership of the group of nations forming the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Such oath shall be taken and subscribed by every member of the Oireachtas before taking his seat therein before the Representative of the Crown or some other person authorised by him.

The Hidden Role of the Papacy in Irish Affairs


































“It is now six hundred years since a cruel coward and odious fugitive, a tyrant, an adulterer, entered into a conspiracy, or as it was called, a coalition, with a King and a pope for the conquest of his native country”.[1]

William Drennan - One of the founding fathers of the United Irishmen movement.

In the early 17th century Spain’s King Phillip III claimed that ‘Ireland belongs to the Apostolic See from ancient times’.[2]

In the early-mid twelfth century Murtagh O’Brien, the King of Limerick, endowed the Catholic monasteries with ‘lands equal to those of an English earldom’. In An Irish History of Civilisation we learn that the hierarchy of the Roman priesthood in Ireland were ‘given the title of Earls of the Holy Cross and later they sit in the Irish parliament as barons of the realm’.[3]


It was Nicholas Breakspear, known to history as Pope Adrian IV, who handed Ireland over to the control of the British monarchs through the Papal Bull Laudabiliter in 1155.[4]


It was Dermot MacMurrough (Diarmait Mac Murchada), the King of Leinster, who encouraged the Norman invasion of Ireland and the forces of Strongbow. The Knights Hospitaller were very much a part of the invading Norman force, and founded the Irish branch of the Knights very soon after the invasion.[5]

The Knights Hospitallers are a branch of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, an ancient Vatican Knighthood. They rule the world still to this day and their control of Ireland and Europe is absolute. You can find names like Eamon De Valera, Bertie Ahern, John Bruton etc., as initiated members into the Order, specifically the latter two are knighted into the Military Constantian Order of St George. De Valera descends from a Spanish royal house in Aragon who were Knights of Malta.

[1] A.T.Q. Stewart, ‘A Deeper Silence, The Hidden Origins of the United Irishmen’ p.193

[2] Liam Swords, 'The Flight of the Earls - A Popular History', Columba Press (2007), p.81

[3] Don Akenson, ‘An Irish History of Civilisation – Volume One’, Granta Books (2005) p.123-4

[4] Ernest F. Henderson, ‘Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages’, George Bell & Sons, London (1903) P.10 which translates from Latin “The Bull of Pope Adrian IV. Empowering Henry II to Conquer Ireland A.D. 1155” taken from George Lord Lyttelton, ‘The History of the Life of King Henry the Second and of the Age in Which He Lived’, J. Dodsley, London (1772) p.370-71

[5] The Munster Express, ‘The Irish Crusade’, 12/12/2008

It was English Pope Nicholas Breakspear, otherwise known as Pope Hadrian IV (1154-59), who first subjugated Ireland to control of the British monarchs. It was the issuing of the Papal bull Laudabiliter (1155) that ordered the Normans to invade Ireland to bring it under Papal-Roman authority. This is why Ireland is predominantly Roman Catholic today. The Papacy had the clear understanding that ‘the pontiffs were feudal lords of all the islands of the oceans, thanks to the Donation of Constantine’.

The goal was to impose the strict discipline of the Roman Catholic system on the Irish, while conferring upon the English monarchy the ‘sole right to conquer that island and subjugate its people’.

The image on the right above is the family crest of the Breakspear family. Again, we see the evidence of the Mystery Schools with the sunburst in the family crest. To have such symbolism within your family crest means that your family line have been very high level occultists for many generations. And then of course we also see the symbolism of the dragon. The Bible tells us who the dragon represents, i.e. Satan!

The Dublin Occult Grid.jpg

Google the title of this book above and download it. It is a must read for the furtherance of your education in how the hierarchy of the Mystery Schools are in total control of Ireland in modern times. The evidence is literally written in stone!

If you come across any evidence of senior Irish political or business leaders belonging to secret societies please forward it on to me via the Contact button at the top of the page!

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