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The Evolution Fossil Record Hoax

Charles Darwin admitted that the number one problem with his evolution theory was the lack of evidence proving a gradual progression over time to prove the theory. In Origin of Species (1859) he wrote:

"Why is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this is the most obvious and serious objection that can be urged against this theory."

Dr. Ben Carson, is a former US Presidential candidate, Director of Paediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins University and Professor of Oncology and paediatrics, as well as elected into the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine (US). He said that evolutionary theory ‘has become scientifically politically correct’. He also said that there is “a significant number of scientists who do not believe it but they’re afraid to say anything.”[1] The reason they are so afraid to say something is because it is career suicide in a secular humanist dominated environment where it may be deemed ‘offensive’ or ‘intolerant’ to air such views, despite being scientifically sound.

Evolution was never really accepted as scientific fact until early in the twentieth century, as there were no missing links proving that humankind had emerged from primates, until many decades later. Every single ‘find’ I have researched has been either an obvious hoax or surrounded by very suspicious controversy with the evidence disappearing. One such fraudster was a German Professor Reiner Protsch, working out of Frankfurt University for over 30 years. He claimed to have found a 36,000 year old skull fragment in a peat bog outside Hamburg, in northern Germany, which was ‘the vital missing link between modern humans and Neanderthals.’ The Neanderthal known as Hahnhöfersand Man was actually discovered to be around 7,500 years old, nowhere close to his 36,000 year old claims. He was also famous for discovering a fossil remains called "Binshof-Speyer" woman, which he claimed was 21,300 years old, and another remains called "Paderborn-Sande man", supposedly 27,400 years old, according to the Professors dating methods. It was discovered that "Binshof-Speyer" woman was actually dated from around 1300 BC, and that "Paderborn-Sande man" was only a few hundred years old, around 1750.

This professor was according to Der Spiegel, but quoted in the UK’s Guardian newspaper as being the son of Nazi MP, Wilhelm Protsch. Under his tenure in Frankfurt University ‘thousands of documents lodged in the anthropology department relating to the Nazis' gruesome scientific experiments in the 1930s were mysteriously shredded.’[2] I don’t believe the Nazi connection in this deception is a coincidence either. The Nazis at the highest levels were occultists and practiced Witchcraft.

Another missing link was also linked to the University of Frankfurt. The fossil called Ida was discovered in the Messel pit also close to Hamburg was hailed by the world's media as "the greatest publicity coup in modern science". Even Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York went to Germany to be in attendace holding a sign for the worlds media that read "the link". It turns out that the fossil ended up being a lemur and "not related to humans at all." [3]

One would have to ask how professional academics could get it so badly wrong? I don't believe the involvement of the University of Frankfurt being involved in two fake links so far is coincidental. The University of Frankfurt has at times been considered liberal, or left-leaning, and has had a reputation for Marxist scholarship. The university has historically best been known for its Institute for Social Research (founded 1924), the institutional home of the Frankfurt School, a preeminent 20th century school of philosophy and social thought. Some of the well-known scholars associated with this school include Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, and Jürgen Habermas, as well as Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, and Walter Benjamin. If these names are new to you it may interest you to know that they played a major role in launching what the world today knows as the cultural Marxist "woke" movement. Moving on.

Another very famous find of the 20th century was in 1974 in Ethiopia by a man called Donald Johansson. Again the world was told that here was another missing link, nicknamed Lucy, and supposedly three million years old. The find was claimed by the very modest Johannson to be ‘the most important find made by anyone in the history of the human race’. This find was deemed so important that Johannson went from an assistant professorship to running the Institute for Human Biology at Berkeley, one of the United States Ivy League Universities. While all this was taking place, no scientists were allowed to examine Lucy’s bones until 1982, a full eight years later. When scientists were eventually allowed to investigate Lucy’s remains it was discovered that you ‘couldn't really tell the difference between Lucy and a rainforest Chimpanzee that you might find in the San Diego Zoo.[4] The hip bone on display in the photographs and museum displays around the world is a plaster cast hip that is almost indistinguishable from a human hip bone. I watched in amazement at a documentary by Nova network sponsored by Lockheed Martin. There was a major problem, “her hip resembled a chimpanzee”, and had “ape like features.”. Lucy couldn’t possible have walked upright. The bones according to anthropologist Owen Lovejoy are in an ‘anatomically impossible position’. Lovejoy had the cure for the anomaly though, and made his own artificial hipbone which is then sold to the world as evidence of a missing link between humans and primates. That is not science. And Lucy did not have fossilised feet remains when she was found, yet museums and texts books around the world took it upon themselves to put human feet bones into diagrams, drawings and plaster moulds along with her display. What is highly suspicious is that Donald Johansson went to Ethiopia with a grant to find the missing link, and he found Lucy weeks before his grant money ran out. This was a scam from start to finish.

Going back a bit further in time is when the first ‘missing link’ called Piltdown man was supposedly found in a Sussex gravel pit in the UK in 1912 by a man called Charles Dawson, a solicitor and amateur archaeologist. The find exhibited ‘its huge human-like braincase and ape-like jaw.’ This was the first evidence of Darwin’s theory being potentially correct, which really brought previously rejected theory of evolution into the mainstream of science for the first time. This hoax led millions astray for over 40 years and the Piltdown ‘find’ made up a significant percentage of the fossils used to reconstruct human ancestry. It was only in 1953 that scientists ‘concluded it was a forgery’, with an upper human skull around 600 years old and the jaw-bone of an orang-utan. It was an elaborate hoax. The most interesting part for me was discovering that Charles Dawson was working as part of a team under a young French Jesuit Priest and palaeontologist called Pierre Tellhard de Chardin who was coincidentally involved in two ‘missing link’ discoveries. What are the odds on that happening?

In 1923, by one hell of a coincidence (pun intended), another missing link was found by Dr Davidson Black under the research team of the same Jesuit Priest Pierre Tellhard de Chardin, on the other side of the world. This time the supposed missing link was called Peking Man, due to being found in a cave close to Peking in China.[5] The explorations of the group were reported to have been financed by the Rockefeller Foundation.[6] The fossils still touted as a ‘missing link’ were claimed at that time to be the oldest human ancestor on record. This claim was challenged to a large extent by Catholic website Salve Maria Regina who claimed that ‘over a period of a decade a few people went over to China to study them, but generally remained unimpressed.’[7] Eventually a number of scientists were interested enough to go to China and examine the dozens of fossil remains using the latest scientific techniques and ‘clinical criteria’, but there was nothing in Peking to examine. In 1941 according to Tellhard, the fossil remains left Peking by train to be shipped to America, supposedly to avoid being confiscated by the oncoming Japanese invasion. And it wasn’t just one set of remains that was lost, it was dozens of skulls and skeletons. This is a common theme throughout the evolution discoveries. Those who wish to examine the fossil record remains closely keep finding barriers hindering their research, as in the case of Peking Man, only the notes and photographs of Tellhard and his team remained. A conservative pre Vatican II Catholic webpage called Salve Maria Regina had some very interesting words for Tellhard saying that while he was working with the exploration team in China he was working on his own "profound theological synthesis,: integrating the heresy of Evolution with his new cosmic vision of Christianity.”[8]

Another disturbing point about Tellhard was exposed in Marilyn Fergusons book on the New Age Movement called The Aquarian Conspiracy. She wrote that Teilhard was the name most frequently mentioned by 185 leaders in the New Age movement when asked who the most influential person in their lives was.[9] Another author named the Jesuit Tellhard as being ‘the father of the New Age.’[10] I have elaborated further in the last chapter on the Mystery Schools on the origins of the revival of the New Age Movement in modern history, and traced it back to the Theosophical Society and Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Publishings. This movement which spawned the United Nations World Goodwill Society is as the name suggests, Luciferian, or Satanic in its origin, and in its doctrine. The UN is writing laws for your children, and your future.

Another prolific ancient artefact finder was the Japanese archaeologist Shinichi Fujimura. His ‘stone age’ finds ‘pushed back the limits of Japan’s known history’, and his fraudulent works ‘rewrote text books’, until he was caught in November 2000, ‘digging holes and burying objects that he later announced as major finds’. I found his excuse very interesting as it fits in with the other historical and architectural frauds trying to usurp the true history of man. Fujimura said that "I was tempted by the devil. I don't know how I can apologise for what I did.”[11] This is a most interesting choice of words from a man coming from a nation of atheists.

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